The Different Types Of Ringworms

Each infection caused by ringworm has different symptoms though rash and reddishness is the same. Each name corresponds to a specific region of the human body. The different Types of Ringworm You Need to Know is mentioned in this write-up. The website gives an insight into treatments for ringworm infection.

The main types of ringworms:

1) Tinea Corporis
This is the most common ringworm and affects the torso, arms, and legs. This ringworm causes red and circular spots accompanied by itching and scaling. The spots sometimes also have blisters and lesions. If they appear in the hair follicles, pustules and nodules will be caused.
2) Tinea Incognito
Prior Tinea, when treated by tropical steroid cream, can be changed into Tinea Incognito. This type of ringworm is developed due to the wrong diagnosis by the doctors when they think that it is dermatitis. The type of ringworm that causes the infection is to be known first to start the correct treatment. The rash becomes more and the lifetime of the outbreak will be higher resulting in more irritation. The rash may become pustular too.
3) Tinea Cruris
The intertrigo disease and this ringworm symptom are almost the same. Jock itch is its nickname, and the rash starts in the groin region and spread to the thighs. The rash is reddish brown and is painful.
4) Tinea Unguium
Also known as onychomycosis, this ringworm affects the fingernails and toenails. The nails become yellow, thick and crumbly. This rash is similar to other skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema.
5) Tinea Barbae
This rash is also known as barber’s itch. This ringworm affects the facial hair region. Red and lumpy pustules are formed. T. verrucosum and T. Mentagrophytes are the fungi responsible for the rash. This kind of infection is caused by farmers in contact with farm animals.
6) Tinea Capitis
This ringworm affects the scalp both in kids and adults. If the treatment is not immediate, there will be permanent hair loss and scars. The round spots cause itchiness, and there will be scaly spots on the scalp skin. Small dots will be left over in the place of hair strands.
7) Tinea Manuum
This infection spreads from one person to person or from one area to the other in the same person. The circular spots on hands mark the presence of this infection. Cattle animals, dogs, cats, etc. cause this disease.
8) Tinea Pedis
This infection affects the feet and is known as athlete’s foot. Humid environment and excessive sweating conditions trigger this disease. People involved in sports and games are prone to this infection. Moist and peeling skin between fourth and fifth toes irritate. Dry patches and blisters are also formed.
9) Tinea Faciei
The symptoms of psoriasis and dermatitis are similar and should not be confused with the ringworm. This infection occurs on the face, not on the scalp and facial hair. Round or oval red spots arise with scaly patches. We should not scratch on the face with fungi infected nails.

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